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Becky & Omar

This is Raven Crest Books! Becky & Omar, husband and wife team. We have been married for five years and have somehow in that time, managed to produce three energetic little boy sprogs - Zaki, 4 and 2 year old twins, Adam & Solomon. In February 2022 we all moved to Turkey to break free from the 9-5 gig and focus on taking over and building on the business that Becky's family started 11+ years ago.

After Raven Crest's 11+ years in the publishing world, we wanted to start a publishing niche alongside our fiction books that really honed in on our own passions and experiences. In January 2023 we put our own stamp on the business by launching it into the Health & Wellness industry. We have both always been heavily involved in the health & wellness industry; we both train Muay Thai and boxing, we are avid gym goers and Triathletes, Becky is a qualified Sports Therapist & accredited baby & toddler Sleep Coach and we both really enjoy researching holistic and natural ways to help our family thrive. 

We wouldn't have gained all the health knowledge that we have without experts and health coaches like YOU to teach us. So now we want to help YOU.

Obviously we can't do all this on our own so we have a great team of freelance Graphic Designers, Proofreaders, Editors, Copywriters, PR Consultants & Writing Coaches around us to ensure that all our books are published to the highest standard.

We are beyond excited to continue this journey and can't wait to meet and work with all you amazing experts & writers.


Becky Warrak

Owner & "the Creative One"

Becky is super passionate about helping aspiring writers to get their voices heard. She is the creative brains behind Raven Crest and spends a lot of time designing & marketing, alongside speaking with and supporting up and coming authors. 

One of Becky's favourite things to do for Raven Crest Books is to support, guide and cheerlead new writers into and through the world of book writing and publishing. No one will cheer you on harder in your journey than Becky!

Omar Warrak

Owner & "the Methodical One"

Omar provides the foundations that make Raven Crest strong. Providing project management to each book's publishing process, Omar keeps each book project running in a timely and efficient manner. 

Omar also navigates the world of book advertisement and works tirelessly with the dimension of internet algorithms to keep on top of the constant changes in order to propel your book to the top spot. 


  • Raven Crest has over 10 years of knowledge in the publishing industry

  • We are a small family run business - we care

  • We won't reject your manuscript - we will guide you until it's ready for publication

  • We know how important author self-promotion is and we will help guide you through the process

  • We will cheer you on and be on your team for every step of the publishing process

  • We are honest and transparent about everything we do. Ask us anything!

  • We are passionate about spreading your important message and helping the world.

What are you waiting for? Send us your first three chapters for review and join our family of authors today!

Meet the Team

Who will be working with us on your book?

We work with an amazing team of freelancers; freelancers we have interviewed and tested to insure their skills are great enough to uphold our high standards at Raven Crest Books. 

We appreciate everything they do for us so they really deserve an introduction of their own!

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