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  • How do you publish a book?
    Put simply, once a manuscript is accepted, our team works hard to complete the following publishing services: Manuscript review Editing Proofreading Formatting Designing the book cover Publishing to online platforms Of course, there is much more to it than this but these are the bare bones. For more information, check out our process:
  • Which formats do you publish in?
    eBook, paperback & hardback.
  • What is hybrid publishing?
    Hybrid publishing is effectively a combination of the business models that apply to traditional publishing houses and self-publishing. Hybrid publishers take an upfront payment which will then be invested in the production of your book so you can leave the publishing to us and focus on your writing. Read more about Hybrid Publishing here.
  • What can hybrid publishing offer me that I can't get from self-publishing?
    We have a ready made team of editors, proof readers, writing coaches and even photographers (author branding!) working tirelessly to bring YOUR book to life! It is literally our job. We are your team, shouting your corner. But if you want to give self-publishing a go, we've got you covered too. You can join The Self Publishing Membership to access the self-publishing course content, live bi-monthly check-in sessions, peer support and again, us cheerleading you on (we love a good cheerlead) throughout your publishing journey.
  • How much does it cost to publish a book?
    Short answer: anything from FREE to £10,000 and beyond. Long answer: it completely depends on your own book goals, timescales & budget. Read this article for a more complete analysis: How much does it cost to publish a book? And to help you work out what your budget for book publishing, read this post titled What Do You Want To Achieve From Publishing Your Book. I would heavily advise against publishing your book for free - unless you literally just want to see your work in print and on your own shelf. We offer different packages for your different book goals. If a manuscript passes our specific review criteria, you will qualify to purchase our publishing packages. See our packages here for more info. It's also important to bear in mind when reading through our package pricing that if you were to self-publish your own book to a high standard, you can expect to pay similar prices.
  • Do you offer book marketing?
    Yes. For us, book marketing & PR are such important aspects of book publishing that we couldn't offer a publishing service and NOT offer these services. We have our own PR consultant who will work with you on PR strategy and to create a press release to send to their specific media contacts within the industry. We also offer a simple to follow book marketing launch strategy pack which is offered as part of our Marketing & PR package and can also be purchased as a standalone product for £29.
  • Can I purchase individual publishing services rather than sign up to a full package?
    Yes. We offer a "Build A Book" service for self-publishing authors which allows you to choose exactly which service you need assistance with and purchase it as a standalone product. This is perfect for self-publishing authors who want to publish solo, but are struggling with one or two aspects of the publishing process. (i.e the technical stuff or the formatting!) See our Build A Book service here.
  • How do I sign up?
    Before you purchase one of our packages you'll need to ensure your manuscript has passed our review process. Please read our submission guidelines here. We look for a few things when deciding whether a manuscript is right for us or not: Quality of the writing style & voice Quality of the message being conveyed Alignment of the manuscript with our company values & message Commitment from the author to the process Once you have sent your manuscript to us, we will provide feedback on whether you have been approved for publication within two weeks. If we have chosen not to accept your manuscript, we will detail why and, if relevant, offer advice on ways you could improve your manuscript before trying again.
  • Which Health & Wellness topics do you cover?
    Most! Anything that can be written within a self-help guide or a memoir. To name a few: mental health, trauma recovery, menopause, hormone health, holistic remedies, nutrition, motherhood, ultra-athletes, alternative healing, fitness, lifestyle improvement, hypnotherapy, chronic illness, meditation & mindfulness, health coaching... if you have a different topic, email us and we'll add it to the list!
  • What type of books do you publish?
    Self-help guides & memoirs. We also offer an eBook creation & publishing service aimed at creating lead magnets for small health businesses. These will comprise of 10,000 words or less.
  • Why have you chosen to publish within the Health & Wellness genre?
    After Raven Crest's 10+ years in the publishing world, we wanted to start a publishing niche alongside our fiction books that really honed in on our own passions and experiences. We, owners Becky & Omar, have both always been heavily involved in the health & wellness industry; we both train Muay Thai and boxing, we are avid gym goers and amateur Triathletes, Becky is a qualified Sports Therapist & accredited baby & toddler Sleep Coach and we both really enjoy researching holistic and natural ways to help our family thrive. ​ We wouldn't have gained all the health knowledge that we have without experts like YOU to teach us. So now we want to help YOU to help the rest of the world! Click here to read more about our Health & Wellness niche.
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