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Alastair Puddick


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Facts about Alastair:

  • He wrote his first book in a cupboard, and even part of his second book too


  • He's been on TV three times, including a stint in the audience for Kilroy and somehow ending up in BBC documentary WAGS to Riches. 


  • Al has competed in a few 10k running races, which has come in very useful as writing inspiration for 46% Better Than Dave

Tips for aspiring authors:


The Unexpected Vacation of George Thring (2014)

Killing Dylan (2016)

46% Better Than Dave (2019)

Killing Dylan sequel, coming soon!

Amazon author page: Click here

Buy Alastair's Books

Book cover in paperback phone and kindle displays

The Unexpected Vacation of George Thing

Killing Dylan

46% Better Than Dave

Book cover in paperback phone and kindle displays
Book cover in paperback phone and kindle displays

eBook: £2.99

Paperback: £11.99

eBook: £2.99

Paperback: 11.99

eBook: £2.99

Paperback: £11.99

Testimonial from Alastair

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"Working with Raven Crest has been a great experience. They’ve been helpful, encouraging and incredibly easy to work with. They’ve kept me involved at every stage, from edits of the book to proofreading, checking final manuscripts, approving covers and releasing the finished books out into the world. And I’m really pleased with how everything has turned out. 


The team encouraged me to be as involved as I wanted throughout the whole publishing process. They took onboard my ideas for cover designs, promotions, advertising, marketing, and even entering competitions – which worked out well, as my third novel was shortlisted for a well-known fiction prize."

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