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Want full control of publishing? Try our...


Want to self-publish but know you'll need physical assistance with some aspects? Choose which individual services you require:


Turn your manuscript from words on a page into "OMG it actually looks like a BOOK!"

Margins, page size, indentations, page numbering, TOC's, legal jargon, acknowledgments etc

From £149

Author Website

If you want to launch your book into the world, you'll need to launch yourself into the world too! A great way to boost your marketing is to have a landing page all about you & your books

From £197

Book Marketing Strategy

Tried and tested six-page Book Launch Marketing Strategy  document that all authors can (and should) implement on their own. More info & buy now.


Cover Design

Bespoke front cover, spine & back cover design, including eBook and paperback cover plus 2x marketing mock-ups


See our portfolio here

From £149

The Techy Stuff

ISBN allocation, online platform set-up & upload, A+ marketing content, author profile creation, review accounts creation, alternative category allocation etc

From £197

Manuscript Report

Complete manuscript evaluation & report of your finished manuscript to highlight where your work can be improved and provide initial editorial feedback

From £197

Book PR

Work with our very own PR Consultant, who will put together a press release for you and commence the process of boosting your book into the right avenues of media, specifically for your book.

 From £650

Every book is different so for an exact quote, drop us an email today

Prices will vary based on word count
For more info, contact

Kind Client Words

Picture of a lady smiling

"I cannot express my gratitude enough to Becky at Raven Crest Books for the invaluable role she played in formatting my manuscript and getting it approved on KDP. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to any aspiring author seeking assistance with formatting and self-publishing. Becky's dedication to her clients and the ease of working with her truly sets her apart, and I look forward to working with her again in the future."

Tulshi Varsani, Strength & Performance Coach

Happiness Within, Launch date August 8th 2023

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