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The Complete Package

Taking you on the journey from accomplished writer to published author. Pass our review process and gain access to the Complete Package. Each step will be completed by Raven Crest and our vetted professionals to bring your manuscript to life in the Health & Wellness world.


Manuscript review & report

This is completed by one of our experienced editors or BETA readers. They will analyse your entire manuscript (MS) and provide a full report advising you on what might need to be amended, changed or re-written before your MS is ready for the editing process.


Structural Edit

Your work will first be edited by one of our Copy Editors who will focus on making sure that your manuscript makes sense to your audience. They will analyse and correct your work on a granular level to iron out any stumbling blocks on how it reads. They will also make sure that your language & "writer's voice" is consistent throughout.


Proof Reading

This is the final hurdle in the editing process where the proof reader will go over your edited manuscript with a fine tooth comb to correct any spelling & grammar mistakes, punctuation errors and any other granular irregularities to ensure your eBook is professionally published.


Plagiarism Checks

Making sure your MS is completely your own work before publishing.


Book Cover Design

We will work with you and our designers to ensure your visions & views are taken into account when designing your front cover. We want you to be involved every step of the way. Includes two initial drafts and one edit.



Transforming your manuscript into a user-friendly readable format; in the uniform way that you would expect a book to look.


Independent ISBN

You will get your own independently assigned ISBN rather than Amazon's own ISBN's. This simply means that your book can be published anywhere and Amazon do not hold the selling rights to it.


Published to Amazon

The exciting bit: bringing all your hard work together to make it available on Amazon for the world to purchase. Your book will be available as an eBook and as a print-on-demand paperback. Hardback options are also available.


Publisher imprint

Including Amazon A+ content, book cover marketing graphics in various social media sizes & author logo


Additional marketing graphics

Including Amazon A+ content, book cover marketing graphics in various social media sizes & author logo


Book launch strategy

We will work with you to develop your own book launch strategy to help build your audience and generate excitement around your new book prior to launch date. We will also use our own social media platforms to promote your book 


Self promotion guide

Our guide goes hand in hand with your book launch strategy. This will detail everything that is important for you to work on behind the scenes in order to self-promote your book.


Free printed author copies

See your own hard earned work signed, sealed & delivered to your door in paperback format.


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