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Submission Applications

Ready to publish your manuscript? Remember, first impressions are everything! Follow our submission requirements below:

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Categories we publish:



Health memoirs


Alternative medicine

Holistic healing




Lifestyle Improvement

Baby development

Trauma healing


Men's health

Along with other health & wellness related categories

Guide to Manuscript Submission


We do not accept obvious unfinished manuscripts. (i.e first drafts). You must have completed your own editing before submitting.


Word documents or PDF files attached to an email, sent to

Introduce Yourself

Who are YOU? What is your book about? What made you write your book? What are your publishing aims? Why do you want to publish with us?

No following the guidelines, no manuscript review

If you have an idea for a manuscript or require writer's coaching,

please click below for more info. Or contact us on

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Writer's Community Support Group

While you're waiting for us to review your MS, subscribe below to receive access to our private supportive writer's community on Facebook.


Meet with like minded writers, authors, professionals and use this safe space to gain and share knowledge.

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