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Share your knowledge,
Share your story,

Help the world


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After Raven Crest's 10+ years in the publishing world, we wanted to start a publishing niche alongside our fiction books that really honed in on our own passions and experiences. We, owners Becky & Omar, have both always been heavily involved in the health & wellness industry; we both train Muay Thai and boxing, we are avid gym goers and Triathletes, Becky is a qualified Sports Therapist & accredited baby & toddler Sleep Coach and we both really enjoy researching holistic and natural ways to help our family thrive. 

We wouldn't have gained all the health knowledge that we have without experts like YOU to teach us. So now we want to help YOU.

Are you an expert in your own health & wellness field? Have you ever thought about becoming a published author to gain further credibility and to spread your knowledge to a wider audience? Look no further.

Are you an expert in your field as a:

And so many other amazing Health & Wellness fields that help people all over the world to live a healthier lifestyle...


If you've already completed your manuscript, head to our submission page to make sure you meet the criteria for publication. 

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All books start with a great idea.

Transform your inspired idea into a book with our Idea to Author service.

We will coach you through the entire writing process and then publish the completed MS.

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Still not sure where to start? Check out our podcast!

'The Write Space'

The Wellness Writers' podcast

Real life educational case studies to inspire unpublished writers

Every episode we welcome a different published wellness author on board with us to discuss their journey, where they came from and how they started right through to how they got published and where they are now. Packed with advice and anecdotes to motivate and inspire up and coming wellness writers.

Listen Here:

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Community to celebrate the journeys of published wellness authors

Whether your self-published, traditionally published or somewhere in between, join us to celebrate hard work and appreciate the journeys that wellness authors have been through to get their knowledge heard and their stories seen within the book industry.

Share your knowledge,
Share your story,
Help the world

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...let us help you transform your expertise into a manuscript

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