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7 Reasons Why Life Coaches Can Benefit From Writing a Book

Updated: May 25, 2023

As a Health and Wellness or Life coach, you probably have an aptitude for talking to people, listening and empathising. You are organised and knowledgeable within your chosen niche. You want to help people – it is your purpose! You may have had life experiences that have organically led you up the career path that you are now successful in today.

But do you know who else shares these same aptitudes?

Probably every other Coach out there.

Do you know what would make you stand out from the crowd?

Writing a book.

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You Are Organised & Knowledgeable Within Your Chosen Niche

Here are 7 reasons Why Life Coaches Can Benefit From Writing a Book:

Reach More People

Have you ever felt that driving need to help everyone you see? That passion to help is within you and you’re a natural carer. That’s why you became a coach. But how can you reach everyone? There are over 7 billion people in the world. Approximately 4 billion of those people are between 20-60 which is prime client age for coaches. So how do you reach them all?

What about the people who can’t afford your services? You want to help them too, right? And you wish you could help them for free (or as little as possible) but you’ve got bills to pay!

Writing a book will make your services and expertise available for people who don’t have the budget to work with you one on one right now. Or for the people who don’t have access to a computer or WiFi. Or for the people who want to work with you but there are just not enough hours in the day and you’re fully booked until December 2024!

Solidify Your Knowledge

Writing a book is actually a great way to solidify your own knowledge within your niche and give yourself credit where credit is due. Did you even know you knew the things that you know? You’re a pretty smart cookie! And that is why all your years of hard graft and study should be truly showcased in printed, published format.

You may even find there are some gaps in your knowledge that you may need to do further research into. And knowledge is power!

When you’re talking to a camera or creating a reel, you can get away with being more generic and you can often end up waffling without getting to the point. In a book, you need to be concise and you have no choice but to get to the point. Once you take out all the um’s and arr’s of Instagram Live vidoes and put them into written format, you can get down to the real nitty gritty points that you want to make. The points that really emphasise what an expert you truly are.


In an ever-growing saturated market – stand above the rest.

One way to truly rank yourself higher than the coach next to you, is to become a published author within your specific market.

Think about whenever you have trawled through Google looking for a service. What are the qualities of the business owner that have converted you into a customer? Parting with your money and being sure that you are making the right decision with your purchase is huge and it all comes down to trust. Whose service are you more likely to choose – the coach with the 10,000 followers on Instagram, or the coach with 2,000 followers and a reputably published book?

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Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

Yes, you might be gradually depicting your story square by square on your grid. But how many of your followers are actually reading every inch of your post? How many will scroll through the first couple of months and then get bored? Depending on which article you read, a consumers attention span while scrolling through social media is between 2 and 12 seconds.

And I bet you’ve got some juicy life stories that will really benefit your customers and pump up your relatability. IF you can get them to hang around long enough to listen.

But maybe you’re just not being heard online.

However, if someone is buying your book, they’ve already invested in you when they paid the retailer. They will be more likely to fully read what you have to say, buy into your personality and backstory and finally, look you up online for further assistance and coaching after finishing your book.

More Revenue

The obvious one – writing and selling books is a great way to create a passive income. Once you’ve invested the time into writing your book and it’s published, you can sit back and let the royalties flood in* – and hopefully the new customers!

*It’s important to remember that not every published book sells a million copies. Some won’t even sell hundreds. Selling a published book is NOT a dead cert.

Pump Up Your Marketing Strategy

Social media simply isn’t enough anymore.

Not only are you pitching up against other life coaches with potentially more experience than you, there are also the coaches out there who are pretending to have more experience than you. And maybe their reel & TikTok game is better than yours too.

Does the strength of your business really come down to how adept you are at spotting a trending audio on Instagram?

With people buying followers and blue ticks like they’re on offer at Sports Direct, who can really tell the genuines from the fakes?

So, you have to mix things up. Huddle up and think tactics. Offer what the next coach can’t. Writing a book is a HUGE marketing tactic to deploy.

Of course, not everyone can do it. Writing a book is no mean feat. It will take hours of planning and writing. And re-writing. But imagine the achievement at the end of the journey, when all your knowledge and experience is there in front of you, in a beautifully published book for the world to read.

Lead Magnet

Maybe you don’t feel up to writing an 80,000 word life memoir. Don’t despair. A short educational eBook or eGuide can still be massively valuable to your business.

People love free stuff. And you know how it is, you offer your audience value for free, they sign up for your mailing list and you bombard them with offers.

What if, instead of spamming their inbox with small titbits of information that probably won’t resonate, you give your audience a whole bloomin' eBook that they think they should probably be paying for, but you’re just that nice. And so confident in the services you provide that you’re giving it away for free. It’s packed full of useful information (but not too much – you have to leave them wanting more!) and insightful backstories about you that will help your audience make the decision that you are the only coach for them. View our Lead Magnet Package here.

If you think that writing a book would be a great next step for you as a life coach, book a call with us to chat about how we can help you scale your business with a book.

Share Your Knowledge,

Share Your Story

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