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About us.

We are husband and wife owners of the family publishing business and we are super passionate about getting your story and your message out there for the world to see.


Because the world needs to hear your story.

When you work with us, here are FIVE things we can promise:

  • We will deliver you a personal, one to one service

  • We actually care - you are NOT just a number to us!

  • We can strongly relate to the online coaching field and are genuinely interested to read your manuscript

  • We are open and transparent about everything we do - ask us anything

  • We will personally be in your corner, cheering you on throughout every step of the publishing process

Book Publishing.

Book publishing doesn't have to be as daunting as it sounds! Book publishing is becoming more and more accessible to and with the help of our publishing service packages and membership programs, we will take you from initial idea, all the way through to fully fledged published author! 

The basic publishing process looks like this:

Write it.
Review it. 
Edit it. 

Format it. 
Proofread it. 
Cover it.
Publish it. 
And finally...
Market the hell out of it.


Now you know what goes on behind the scenes of publishing a book, it's time to start producing yours. 

"Becky's dedication to her clients and the ease of working with her truly sets her apart, and I look forward to working with her again in the future."

Tulshi Varsani

'Happiness Within'


"They've been helpful, encouraging and incredibly easy to work with.


They’ve kept me involved at every stage, from edits of the book to proofreading, checking final manuscripts and approving covers."

Alastair Puddick

'Killing Dylan'

"I can give testament to their vision and professionalism.
They never lose sight of the needs of their authors and are always ready to guide and advise."

Jan McDonald


Kind words from previous clients...

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